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About us

WHAT IS HUMANBEANS? As the Big Friendly Giant says in Rohal Dahl’s homonym book, “The human bean is not a vegetable.”

It’s a funny misspelled word, just like those invented by our kids, which means human being.
In Italian, we also use “little bean” when referring to the little creature that is born within us and grows with our love until it becomes a real tiny person.
It was just the best name we could find to bring our project to life!
Because little human beans are the center of our universe. It’s for them that we select classic clothes and beautiful accessories, all Made in Italy, precious and timeless.

It all started with two Italian moms, their new life in Geneva and a simple idea.

It was November 2017 when Rachele and her family came back to Europe after 8 years in Hong Kong. With her 5 months old baby sleeping in the carrier, tons of boxes and bags, she took the lift of her new building. Arriving on the 5th floor, she didn’t even have time to open the door that she heard a voice: “Hello! My name is Francesca, nice to meet you!”. Her fear to find herself alone in a new city vanished, she had just found her best friend. From that moment they lived with “open doors”, their little Olivier and Andrea playing together every day and the two of them helping each other in their new role of moms and in their new lives in Geneva.

Then one day, during one of their countless coffee breaks, the idea came up. If they had trouble finding classic clothes for their babies… maybe they were not the only ones.

Their passion for beauty and Made in Italy has always been their common ground, while their past experiences one in marketing management for luxury goods and cosmetics and one in architecture and project management, made them pretty much complementary.

They were ready for the adventure!

Since their very first pop-up in May 2019, the assortment got bigger, the dream grew stronger, and three more human beans joined the humanbeans family: Alexandre, Filippo, and Charlotte.

This is our story and we hope you will like the little universe that day after day we are creating.

Rachele and Francesca


Made in Italy

Everything that is real was imagined first
M. Williams


Italy is the land of many leading fashion brands, but it’s also home to many smaller labels that keep on producing the exceptional quality clothes of the old days. Hand-made embroideries, noble and beautiful fabrics, that attention to details that is often lost in the rush of this modern world… everything still exists, it’s just harder to find.

Humanbeans wanders across Italian towns, discovers the best ateliers specialized in classic childrenswear, and brings their creations to you.

The chosen suppliers are experienced partners who can often create custom collections: by mixing and matching colors, prints and fabrics, humanbeans often has the possibility to “design” its own models, something that nobody else on the market has. That’s why the collection is so unique!

Italy is clearly the starting point, a constant source of inspiration and the essence of each collection. But Geneva, from simple background to humanbeans’ first challenges and successes, quickly became its home sweet home.

And now, 4 years after the launch, a third city pops-up on the horizon: Dubai!


Alice is a mom who recently moved to Dubai with her little Augusto and her husband. While trying to set up her new life, she thought of bringing the excellence of the Made in Italy to her new city.

This story sounds familiar!

Through a friend in common, she contacted humanbeans to get tips on how to get started. The connection with her was so natural that the idea of a franchising came up straight away. Her enthusiasm and proactivity made things moving fast and smoothly: with a bigger team and a bigger dream, humanbeans is now ready for Dubai!

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